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12 Feb
Short on office space? Here are 5 tips to maximise your office space

Businesses are always trying to expand on profits, goals and their teams — but there isn’t always enough room to do so. Limited office space doesn’t mean you should be limited on expansion of your business. Even if you have a small office, you can make the space feel bigger and introduce other elements to...

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24 Oct
Why Invest in a Good Workplace Design: Recruitment and Retention

As an organisation, you may do doing everything right on paper, but have you looked up from the paper and looked at your surrounding workplace environment? Have you noticed the productivity of your employees slowly diminish and disappear? Perhaps your workplace design doesn’t appeal to your current and prospective employees and it is impacting your...

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25 Sep
Wurkspace7 competitive advantage
It’s a Competitive Advantage to You

Over the past month, we have explored the details of the modern multigenerational workforce that is taking over, not only the nation but the world. Many topics have been discussed regarding this, and yet some view this diversity of generations as a hindrance rather than a growth. Having multiple generations working within your organisation can...

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17 Sep
Wurkspace7 multi generational workplace weakness
What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Generation?

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11 Sep
Wurkspace7 workforce age differences
What Are the Challenges of a Multigenerational Workforce?

Working within a multigenerational workforce means that you may have a Millennial managing you, but you may still work alongside Gen X’s and Baby Boomers. As discussed last week, more and more modern workforces are seeing their staff be a compilation of up to five different generations, with vastly different beliefs, values, life experiences, communication...

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03 Sep
Wurkspace7 multi generational workplace
Say Hello to Your Multigenerational Workplace

With the increase of healthcare and the rise of longer lives in the modern day, professionals are staying in the workforce longer than before, and some actually working beyond retirement. Because of this, for the first time in history, there can be up to five generations working side by side in the same workplaces; this...

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20 Aug
Wurkspace7 workplace culture
Why is Workplace Culture the Foundation for Your Success?

Last week we took a look at your workplace culture and a few of the elements that formulate a strong culture within the office. These elements included respect, good communications, community and cultural awareness and the organisation’s authenticity; now whether you have established a strong foundation of each of these elements and more or not,...

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13 Aug
Michael Page
Let’s Take a Look into Your Workplace Culture

We talk about how the environment of the workplace affects the staff, but what about the culture of the workplace? That’s just as important as it is a foundation for all members of the office. The corporate culture is essentially the set of beliefs and values a company has, which influences every area of the...

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02 Aug
Distraction header
Waste, be gone!

In the modern day, we see the evidence of smog and global warming which doesn’t make it difficult to comprehend that we need to clean up our act a little bit. Much has been discussed how we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint in our own homes, but what about in the workplace? How...

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05 Jul
Wurkspace 7 how do you go green
How do you ‘go Green?’

Most modern-day businesses understand the economical and social benefits of operating in a sustainable manner.  The challenge is how.  We are all creatures of habit, however small changes are easier to integrate and solidify in our every day practices and compound into a true environmental achievement. Mission ‘Go-Green’ Ensuring your organizational mission statement reflects your...

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27 Jun
benefits of a smaller office
Okay as is

Have you thought about how well you’re using each square meter of your current office? Do you think you are getting value for money, or just wasting space? Downsizing your office could be your solution. Let’s talk about some of the key benefits a smaller office space can have. Save on costs You pay for...

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20 Jun
W7 communications through workplace design
Advancing Communication Through Workplace Design

Have you thought about the significance of communication within your business? Communication within the workplace is a greater integral factor within an efficient workplace than most initially believe. So how can you advance your workplace communication through design? Dedicating a breakroom The habit of staff members eating at desks has a negative impact on the...

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