April 2019
Influencing Workplace Design
As experts within the workplace design and construct industry with a passion to provide the best possible project delivery to all clients, Wurkspace 7 continuously develops and follows new research within the industry. This allows us to help you understand how businesses are evolving, how to keep up with the competitors, or surpass them, and...
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The Ride of Living Walls
Biophilic design and living walls have become increasingly more common place as businesses are realising the extensive benefits the natural environment and elements have on their employee’s work ethic and productivity. The awareness of biophilic design has skyrocketed and now leading design and construct companies are now referring to it as an expectation within the...
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Google LA Office
Last week we began exploring the way in which modern commercial designs are incorporating the historical architecture of their buildings to create a unique workplace environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. This week, we will look at another famous example of the fusion of modernism and history as we enter Google’s office in Los Angeles....
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Union Iron Works Plant at Potrero, 1880s
Office buildings around the world have been reimagined from old, industrial warehouses into unique, collaborative corporate environments. This trend is one that has grown exponentially over the years, but there is something bigger brewing in the design and construct industry. Workspace projects are now being designed in a manner to preserve the unique and fascinating...
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