March 2019
Dubai Skyline
This week we reach the end of this month’s series exploring some of the world’s most intelligent and sustainable buildings. So far, we have visited the Capital Tower in Singapore, the Duke Energy Center in the USA, and The Crystal in the United Kingdom. This week we will end with another famous landmark, this time...
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London Skyline
Throughout this month, Wurkspace 7 has been taking you on a global tour of the world’s most intelligent business buildings that are utilising strategic approaches towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable practices. Smart designs such as this, influence greater efficiency and effectiveness in the way the building is utilised by employees and management....
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Charlotte North Carolina Skyline
Last week, Wurkspace 7 began the global tour of various intelligent buildings that are shaping the way modern workplaces can and should be designed and constructed. We began exploring the unique intelligent and sustainable aspects of the Capital Tower in Singapore, and now we are flying over to North Carolina (NC) in the USA. Duke...
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