January 2019
Proposed Melbourne Design the future of workplace design
It’s an exciting time for the workplace design and construction industry with the new plans for an entire block in Melbourne’s CBD being recently revealed. The proposed design for Melbourne’s $232-million Bourke Street Precinct Redevelopment project would see the old Council House 1 replaced with a new premise, whilst including refurbishments to the Commonwealth Bank...
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Biophilic Design as a Necessity
Here we reach the end of this month’s four-part series exploring the predicted trends in the office and workplace design and construct industry for 2019. We have discussed the trends of experience-driven spaces, free-range cohabitation spaces, and old meets new; which are all expected to flourish within the new year. So, what else can we...
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Old Meets New
We near the end of this four-part series, exploring predicted workplace design trends for 2019, with the third trend being an integration of many influences, concepts and past trends. So, what can you expect from Wurkspace 7’s third predicted trend on the rise for the year? Old Meets New What has fallen out of favour...
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Task-centric Office Design
Last week we kicked off the New Year with the start to Wurkspace 7’s four-part series exploring the design trends for workplaces in 2019. We began with the innovative trend of experience-driven space expected to rise throughout the year, and this week we are particularly excited to discuss another upcoming trend. Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces Co-working...
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