Project Budget Calculator

This is a handy calculator that gives you a rough idea of the potential cost of your project.
Speaking to one of our consultants is even more useful, contact to find out more.

minimum specification
level to meet work
health standard


is an average
or industry standard
level of quality and finishes


focuses on provide
a high quality
level of finishes


provide on the highest
level of finishes to
provide a sense of luxury


furniture arrangementinto floor plan


industry standardlevel of quality and finishes


cover a largereconfiguration of layoutand large amount of building works

Full intergated

account for decommissioningof tennancy, completerefurbishment of all building services and layout to a level that would acheieve Green Certification



Wurkspace7 Project Budget Guide Calculator is a brilliant tool that allows you to undertake an indicative assessment of how much a fitout project will cost. This cannot substitute the benefits of meeting with an experienced Wurkspace7 Project Consultant. Our consultants can visit your office and provide a professional advice based on your exact requirements (without any obligation).

If you have any queries or would like a consultant to give you with some guidance on how to use this tool, please email us at

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