Workplace architecture requires targeted knowledge and careful thought. Collaboration with you and understanding your business is the first step. A strategy for your future work environment comes next. From there our experts lead the project, carefully managing your available space, resources and timeframe to create your fully optimised workspace.



A strong team of experienced specialist workplace consultants, degree qualified architects, draftspeople, project managers, construction experts and a carefully selected team of tradespeople.

Together this team has the power to design and build your ideal working environment.



Our design and construct methods leave the entire project in the hands of one highly qualified project manager. Having one overarching point of contact and control cuts layers of time and cost from your project, leaving it faster and leaner. If you want statistics, our processes are proven to be 30% faster and 10% cheaper.

How we create beautiful, functional workspaces

We don’t just change your workspace, we transform it

A workplace transformation is more than simply a change to layout or décor; your workplace under Wurkspace 7 will be truly transformed. Unrecognisable from its previous form, mapped out, planned, checked and double-checked for its ability to deliver excellence in function and form.

What does this mean?

Put simply, a new, purpose-built workspace and office fitout have a number of tangible benefits for businesses which positively impact all areas of the business including; productivity, expense management, staff retention, staff satisfaction. Here are a few examples:

  • A more logical flow of office space helps improve office processes, even walking around the office is easier!
  • Workspaces designed around function and staff needs make it easier for teams to collaborate, meet and produce high-quality work.
  • Décor, colours and lighting are all selected for their ability to calm and inspire.
  • The ideas we use are not traditional, they are the latest in workplace theory. And they work.
  • Using these concepts in your workplace design will shake your business out of the old ways of thinking and working. Productivity will increase, staff satisfaction will soar.
  • These new designs take into account the different ways team members like to work. Both introverted and extroverted personalities are given an environment where they can do their best work.
  • Even at the most practical level, you’ll benefit: The new design will use less energy, waste no space, and will be attractive to potential employees.

Where to start?

Every project we complete starts by working with our clients to build a strategy for their new workplace. For you, this means time spent with you, learning about your business, your needs and your requirements. The skills and dedication we bring to this crucial first step is the foundation of what we do and how we set ourselves apart from our competition.

Get in touch

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Discover how we take your workplace optimisation project from start to finish.

Using Wurkspace 7 for your office fit out will open up opportunities you’ve never even considered. Allow our team to open your mind to the possibilities.

1. Strategic Consultation
2. Concept Design
3. Detailed design and documentation
4. Competitive tender and approvals
5. Pre-site project management
6. On-site project management
7. Handover and maintenance
8. Wurkspace 7

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  • Workplace Post Occupancy Services

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Dedicated To Diversity And Inclusion

The Canvale Group values diversity and believes an inclusive and collaborative culture contributes to the success of the organisation as a whole. View our full Diversity and Inclusion Policy here.

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